Producer: Ocean
Memory required: 48K
Retail price: £6.95
Language: machine code
Author: Paul Owens, Mike Webb, scenic graphics by Dave Thorpe

Loading screen

The splendid loading screen from HUNCHBACK II

CRASH got smartly wrapped over the knuckles by the success of Hunchback, as we hadn’t thought it that marvellous. But because of its popularity, the follow up, Hunchback 2, is bound to do well. Subtitled Quasimodo’s Revenge, you again play the endearing hunchback in a quest to rescue Esmerelda who has once again been imprisoned in the Castle Stronghold (poor old thing). There are seven screens to battle through, each quite different from the others, and indeed the game style is quite different from its predecessor.

On the first six screens Quasimodo must collect bonus bells to reach the following screen. On the first, a simple platform arrangement, the bells are set into the floor and walking over them will collect them. Each level of the platform screen is connected by the bell ropes at either end which go up and down. Hazards include arrows and fireballs which must be ducked or jumped, while on subsequent screens there are bats, birds and axes. On the seventh screen, which is inside the castle belfry, the working mechanisms of the clock threaten him. On completing the seventh screen, the game returns to screen one with an increased level of difficulty.



Control keys: user definable, four needed with fire for jump
Joystick: Kempston, Protek, AGF, Sinclair 2
Keyboard play: very responsive, simple to control
Use of colour: very good, clean and bright
Graphics: large, smooth, fast and varied
Sound: good ‘synthesised’ tune, otherwise not very much during play
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 5
Screens: 7
General rating: very playable, addictive and an improvement on the original, good value.

Use of computer87%
Getting started89%
Addictive qualities80%
Value for money83%

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