Live Circuit

Silliness abounds at the Towers this month folks. We’re celebrating Jetman’s fifth birthday! Ol’ Dog-brain first appeared in CRASH in July 1985 and when he was sent on a mission to retrieve the Eye of Oktup. He’s found it, lost it, Monsta’s eaten it, but as yet he hasn’t got it to keep. Many thanks go to Loony Jetman’s creator, John Richardson, for providing Jetman with such original adventures and adding plenty of new words to the CRASH dictionary (Bwah, Doohicky, etc...) over the years and, of course, RARE/Ultimate for the wonderful game itself. Until nex’ munf then...


You loved it! ‘Oh no we didn’t!’ You didn’t? ‘Oh yes we did’. What a mixed mailbag I’ve had to deal with! Here’s the ‘pick of the post’. Awful expression.

Jon Williams speaks for quite a few when he says, ‘What happened to Front End, Comms, PBM, Adventure Trail, Tech Niche, Arcades, Frontline and the brilliant feature?’ Well Jon, to be honest, over the last year interest in these sections (apart from Front End, which is now Live Circuit) has been minimal. The readers poll showed, once again, that these specialised subjects are not rated highly by the majority of readers, and you can’t please all your readers all of the time! However, CRASH should be back in the arcades soon, and features will be returning — but will be game orientated, take a look at this month’s Batman special.

Next! ‘As for the tape, terrific, four great games, great value and a snip at £1.50 but it doesn’t make up for butchering the magazine.’ Yes, it was a bit thin, wasn’t it Phil Darke? A point also raised by Nick Humphries: ‘Don’t you think it was a bit thin? Why didn’t you charge £1.95 for a 100 page magazine and cassette?’ And Phil Darke would be prepared to pay 5p more ‘I for one would pay £2.00 for it!’. Yes, but would everyone? But hold on. Stephen Davies liked it a lot, ‘I think the new look CRASH is utterly fab, amazing, brilliant!’. Any new readers? (most moans came from established readers — most of them had not used their Speccy for years but still bought CRASH!) ‘I haven’t bought your mag since November 1987. But then what do I see? CRASH, it’s changed and what’s that? A tape with four completely utterly brilliant games on it. I’d just like to congratulate you on a wonderful magazine and may it live for eternity!’ Thank you very much Matthew Tink from Norwich.

The debate will, no doubt, continue...