The rush of Spectrum games in the few weeks up to Christmas was quite overwhelming — not just the quantity, but also the quality of software released in the run-up to the festive season was quite staggering.

Things can only be getting better on the Spectrum games scene — and maybe the arguments about the high price of software will begin to ebb slightly as people come to see that the more expensive games, generally, offer a lot more in terms of entertainment and value-for-money.

Soon, we should have the results of the 1985 CRASH READERS AWARDS, which will tell us what YOU thought of the twelve months of hard gameplaying that was 1985.

Meanwhile, by the time you read this, 1986 will be well underway and if the early signs apparent at the moment are anything to go by, it should be an even better year for games software. It’s clear that the “collapse” of the home computer industry predicted with glee by many people a while ago has not come about. Rather, a thinning-out process has taken place and it is only the stronger companies producing the better products that are still with us. A few of the casualties will be sadly mourned but many of them will hardly be missed.

Out of the ashes of bankruptcy have risen strong companies — some of them perhaps a little TOO strong in some respects, but the overall result has been a general improvement in the quality of computer games. Naturally, a few mediocre products still slip through the net of commercial viability and find their way onto the shelves of software retailers. But increasingly, the choice faced by the consumer is not going to be “which of these programs is worth buying” rather it will become more a case of choosing between a number of games, all of which are good value and worth buying.

Rest assured that we at CRASH Towers will continue to do our best to keep you informed of what’s happening on the Spectrum scene. This year, perhaps more than ever a good read of the magazine before you nip dawn to the shops will make sure you spend your loot to best advantage.