It seems my review of Lothlorien’s Waterloo (CRASH 23) has stirred up a little controversy — well, criticism at least. Some interesting points were raised in the Frontline postbag, I was pulled up for my use of the term ‘indirect fire’ — in the plaintiff’s words, ‘flak’ was deserved for that. My mind was obviously in a different universe. I never meant to suggest Napoleon had radar assisted firepower. Sorry. The defence rests, humbly.

A keelhauling by post then followed for my suggestion that the game was historically accurate, despite Napoleon’s forces being given an extra corps. In the review, I took pains to point out that the rest of the game was historically accurate and the results were realistic. Somehow, I felt my accuser hadn’t played the game — if that’s the case, he’s missing out.

Another correspondent had a go at my rating for authenticity, raising historical point after historical point — many of which were more explicit versions of the criticisms made in the review itself. Lothlorien had some of the wrong commanders with the wrong units, as the author of this letter informed me. This is true, but not ultimately important. Sorry, but having a blunder like radar assisted weaponry would be! Names do not affect realistic combat, nor order sequence, completion, or any of the other factors the game possesses.

In conclusion: Waterloo and Austerlitz should both have been given the CRASH Smash label. Why this logo wasn’t applied is beyond me, except that there’s a rumour that Layout are spending a year dead on Mars for tax reasons... At least they can relax this month. Why? Read on!