Winners of MacMillan FOOTBALL competitions hob-nob it with Ray Clemence at the Spurs ground

Winning CRASH competitions isn’t only a matter of collecting whizzo prizes. Sometimes you become famous, sometimes you meet famous people — all sorts of nice things happen to our prize winners.

Ian Harris, for instance, came out top in the MacMillan Football competition and had a day out at Tottenham Hotspurs club, along with a few other competition winners. Ian’s the guy on the right...


Just before Christmas the Newsfield crew stumped off to the InDin, a prestigious industry event in which everyone had lots to eat, Newsfield gave away some awards, a bottle of champagne was auctioned for £14,000 to launch the OFF THE HOOK appeal, and the annual CLIVE AWARDS were presented to worthy recipients in the software industry.

Oliver Frey, for it is he, is pictured handing over the Newsfield Award for THE BEST ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE to Activision’s Clare Hirsch, for it is she. Activision collected the award for Little Computer People which will never be appearing on the Spectrum. Shame! In the background John Phillips, Master of Ceremonies for the evening, studies his notes.


Ian Andrew of Incentive Software no longer has a Moon Cresta arcade machine sitting in his office. He’s given it away! Fans of the game will remember that Incentive offered everyone who scored over 30,000 points on their official micro version of Moon Cresta the chance to enter a draw for an arcade machine.

Ian Clark of Newcastle on Tyne was the lucky winner, drawn from over 4,000 entries. “We expected two or three hundred entries,” Ian Andrew, Incentive’s Big Cheese commented, “and we were stunned to receive so many.”


Following the phenomenal success of the compilation tapes produced for SOFT AID, which raised over £350,000 for Bob Geldof’s Ethiopian Famine appeal, Rod Cousens from Electric Dreams is currently putting the finishing touches to a new compilation for OFF THE HOOK.

Launched at the InDin at the end of last year, the OFF THE HOOK appeal set up to raise money for The Prince’s Trust to assist in the rehabilitation of drug users. Part of the money raised will also be used for preventative education to help deter people from entering the downward spiral of drug abuse in the first place.

The SOFTAID compilation became the longest running No 1 chart success of last year, and was probably the highest selling game title ever. The OFF THE HOOK compilation should be ready by Easter, selling for £6.99. Distributors and dealers have agreed to waive their usual margins, and all the companies and individuals involved in putting the package together have donated their time and products. Around £4.00 of the £6.99 you will be asked to pay for the tape should go to The Prince’s Trust — and the collection of games assembled for the Spectrum represents incredible value.

The OFF THE HOOK Spectrum compilation contains: Pitfall 2 from Activision; Psytron from Beyond; Fall Guy by Elite Systems; Sam Stoat Safebreaker a Gremlin Graphics game; Ad Astra from Gargoyle; Splat by Incentive; Mugsy from Melbourne House; Kong Strikes Back by Ocean; Chequered Flag from Psion, and US Gold’s Blue Max.

“We’re looking for a high new entry in the Gallup chart,” Greg Ingham, one of the Trustees of the appeal commented, “we have high hopes for the OFF THE HOOK collection and expect to see it in the top five during the first week after launch.”

Given the collection of Spectrum games on offer, the price and the charitable motivation for the OFF THE HOOK compilation, the trustees of the appeal are unlikely to be disappointed. Go out and buy the OFF THE HOOK compilation now. Go on, off you go.


A Spectrum game never before released is amongst the fourteen Spectrum titles on a new compilation put together by War on Want, the charity which campaigns against world poverty.

Rupert and the Ice Palace, 48K’s worth of machine code, has been donated by Quicksilva to War on Want’s WOW Games compilation which is available by mail order from 21st April at £9.95. Money raised from sales will go to assist development work in the Third World — War on Want is involved in long term projects in over thirty countries, helping to combat the effects of malnutrition, ill health and poverty.

Anyone ordering the cassette can ask War on Want to send them information on their work: “Young people in Britain have already shown that they care. Now we hope that they will get a lot of fun out of WOW GAMES and learn something about development at the same time,” said George Galloway, War on Want’s General Secretary launching the package.

Apart from Rupert and the Ice Palace, buyers of the WOW GAMES compilation will receive: Spectrum Chess II, Artic; Bugeyes, Audiogenic; Pedro, Beau Jolly; Winged Warlord, CDS; Mr Freeze, Firebird; Headbanger’s Heaven, Llamasoft; Wizard’s Warrior, Mastertronic; Hellfire, Melbourne House; Hunchback II, Ocean; Horace and the Spiders, Psion/Melbourne House; Xavior, PSS; Cybertanks, Star Dreams, and Dr Franky & the Monster from Virgin.

Another worthy compilation. Make your cheques payable to WOW (Trading).