Frontline with Sean Masterson


Yet another unduly shrunken episode in the unending saga of Frontline starts here folks. With the limitations on page space, I’m afraid that there is no room for the Forum. However, after a tremendous response to Peter Shields’ letter last month (the one that suggested Rosetta and I go and join the four million), the benign and ever jolly Graeme has promised to allocate some extra letters space next issue. Keep your fingers crossed.

This is of course that time of year when effort is directed towards putting last minute touches to software in time for The Show, panic sets in and software houses set up shop in Olympia at the PCW Show. I’m looking forward to this year’s event. More and more, software developers are considering the way the American software market is progressing and introducing more strategic overtones to their games. No doubt the time will come when it will be very difficult to ‘pigeon-hole’ a game. Until that day, it should be interesting to watch the face of software gradually change. Go along and enjoy yourselves.