with Sean Masterson


Lights are on again. No fear of anything leaping out of the shadows to attack me. Weapons can be unloaded and put away. The contents of the room are strange as well. Peaceful, unimposing — and quiet. The war is over. Time to enjoy life and appreciate its subtleties.

No more adventures. No more conquests.

The war is over.

Before I go home, I’d like to introduce you to someone who’s going to further the cause. Enter Miss Philippa Irving. Oxford student extraordinaire, media SF fan and computer game addict. Philippa has interests in both adventure and strategy gaming and is well suited to the job. I’m handing over all your letters, software and other related doobries in time for the February issue. There will be no FRONTLINE next issue and, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m leaving.

And with a bit of luck, Philippa should end up reviewing something of mine. One day. Thanks to everyone who wrote (hope the support continues) and to the software houses for sending me oodles of games to review. It’s all been fun. But I’ve opted for a change of tune. Have an interesting new year...

* The squonk is a sad creature who, when frightened, cries until all that remains is a pool of tears. Not surprisingly, this has led to his extinction.