Derek Bewster’s Adventure Trail


ANYONE who knows anything about adventuring will have heard of Level 9. Jewels of Darkness was the name given to Rainbird’s recent release of their three adventure classics wrapped up as one, comprising Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest and Dungeon Adventure. January should have seen the release of another trilogy, Silicon Dreams. This package has Snowball (CRASH July 84), Return to Eden (Dec 84) and The Worm in Paradise (March 86) all together for the very reasonable asking price of £14.95. The package includes a full play-guide plus Eden Song, a novella by Peter McBride.

Incentive have just released a Paper Management System in the form of a designer pad which aids the development of GAC-produced adventures. Each pad has over 200 double-sided pages of A4, which makes it a rather weighty package, but Incentive have agreed to send it out by post for £1.25 — the package itself costs £7.95 so that’s £9.20 in all.

This month’s reviews are made up of Dodgy Geezers, a Lever/Jones satire (remember Hampstead and Terrormolinos?) put out by Melbourne House, Apache Gold and Winter Wonderland, two GAC adventures from the firm that gave you the Graphic Adventure Creator, Incentive, Landfall on Rollus, the second Clwyd Adventure Software game to be reviewed in The Trail (the first was Futurezoo), and Forgotten City, a game from a new outfit called Hawk, which is a very good first release.

Marks given in The Trail have hovered around the eighty mark in recent months, and there is a good reason for this. At one time I liked to review a cross-section of arrivals, but recently I’ve thrown the poor ones aside and only reviewed the more worthy releases. Perhaps I’ll include a ‘howler’ in the coming months just to balance things up a bit! An interesting-looking Book of the Dead, submitted by The Essential Myth, was accompanied by superb playing notes but unfortunately wouldn’t load. Any company submitting reasonable quality material to The Trail and wondering why it hasn’t appeared would do well to re-submit a copy which is sure to load.

I hear that Dodgy Geezers is to be the last release from the Lever/Jones partnership. This will be sad news to all those who have laughed their way through the couple’s mirth-filled satires. The Trail would like to take this opportunity to wish them both the best of luck in the future.