This month sees the first in a series of four 24-page pull-out supplements, which will build up into a history of Spectrum software over the past four years. And in the December and Christmas Special issues of CRASH a complete index to every game ever reviewed in CRASH will be printed to add to the part work.

Each month’s supplement consists of 12 CRASH covers, presented as they were originally printed (or as nearly as we can recreate one or two of the earlier ones), backed by a short article written by Lloyd Mangram, detailing events in the month of the cover.

He talks about the games reviewed, the software houses involved and reactions to the software, all set against a background of how CRASH happened. Intimate stories, many never before revealed, illustrate the problems besetting the small team which launched CRASH and explain how it grew to be the magazine it is today.

It may seem self-indulgent publishing our own history after only four years, but these have been a frenzied 1,460 days — and it isn’t only our own history, but also that of the Spectrum computer and the enormous number of people who because of their interest, faith and imagination made it the most successful of machines.

This is a retrospective, not a funeral, a celebration and not a wake. The four years’ worth of covers are concluded in the Christmas Special, Issue 48.

And now over to Lloyd...

The CRASH History articles are linked below. Or alternatively you can download a Kindle version of the supplement.

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