Following a trend as regular as the tides, the flow of software has slowed to its customary summer trickle. However, it would appear to be a case of quality not quantity, since CRASH’s pages boast some four Smashes, and one or two extremely good games that didn’t quite make our top accolade.

To make up for the deficit of new products, Nick Roberts’s Playing Tips Special should breathe some new life into the ageing games lying around many a Spectrum owner’s bedroom — hope you enjoy it.

Next month sees a FREE 16-page full-colour arcade special, which details some of the better coin-ops to look out for during the long summer holidays, and a number of hints and tips to make your 20p go further! The supplement is a totally separate booklet slipped in between the pages of CRASH; make sure your copy is intact before leaving the shop!

I’m afraid it’s apology corner, folks. Last month a couple of bloopers were made. First off, Ms Irving stated that PSS were pulling out of the Spectrum strategy market. This is in fact not true, as pointed out to me by their Commercial Director, Richard Cockayne, who went on to say that rather than simply ceasing production of Spectrum strategy games, PSS are now finding that the Spectrum cannot handle the style of games that they wish to produce. To this end, PSS are altering the direction of their product line toward the 16-bit machines. With the amount of Spectrums around though, strategy fans should still be seeing PSS games on the shelves, but merely less frequently.

Secondly, the CRASH readers’ awards handed over the Worst Game award to Eastenders. Unfortunately we credited Tynesoft with this masterpiece of programming, when in fact it should have been Macsen. Apologies to all involved.

Oh, by the way. Watch out for another cover mount cassette in two month’s time — you have been warned...