Following a series of letters debating the CRASH reviewing process, I feel the need has arisen for a fresh overview of the proceedings. The part-time reviewing team that was in operation a few months ago had their individual ratings at the bottom of their comments boxes. In many cases, the fact that they were not reviewing full-time meant that when major discrepancies occurred, such as one reviewer giving 80%, and another 20%, it was often difficult to discuss the ratings given, and it was often felt that such a large range of marks was detrimental to the overall effectiveness of the review. The individual ratings were thus dropped.

Since this decision was made, letters have been pouring into the CRASH office pleading for their return. I myself have also felt that the reviews seem a little faceless and occasionally ambiguous with no specific rating on each comment. Well, since our new full-time reviewing team is now in operation there should be fewer problems in co-ordinating and comparing their feelings towards different games (and in truth, their individual ratings are pretty close most of the time anyway), so the individual percentages are back on!

Once more, you will be able to follow the trends of one reviewer if you desire, but there should be less variation in the individual marks which often gave the feeling of, ‘Which one do I believe’. The increased size of the comments should also allow you to make up your own mind whenever differences of opinion do occur.

Phew! That’s got that out of the way. If you have any feelings as regards this matter, drop Lloyd a note — I’m sure he’ll pass them on to me.

Apologies to wargamers everywhere for the lack of Philippa’s FRONTLINE column. A dearth in the flow of wargames has meant that she has simply had no new games to review; hopefully this should be remedied by next month.

I hope you caught your free arcade booklet as it slithered out of the mag! My thanks go to Julian Rignall who helped compile it and proffered most of the hints and tips. We certainly enjoyed putting it together — I hope you enjoy reading it.

Well, that’s all for this month — next month, as if you didn’t already know, features another cover mount cassette. This double A-side playable demotape gives you a sneak preview of two of the biggest up-and-coming games. At only 25p extra, you’d be crazy to miss it!

Until the next full moon...