The CRASH roundabout continues its merry turn this month with the appearance of a new reviewer: 20-year-old Phil King comes from Clee Hill, 6 miles east of Ludlow. His hobbies include role playing, tickling the ivories (playing the piano to you) and guffawing at Monty Python films while listening to 70s progressive rock, including such fabled groups as Journey, Yes, Rush, Genesis and Wishbourne Ash — amongst many others.

Phil managed to gain ‘A’ levels in economics, pure maths and applied maths (yes folks, he’s a smart ass too!). His computing experience is specific to Spectrums, and he owns an antique 48K rubber fetish special. Anyway, he’s here to stay — and his reviews can be seen dotted around this very issue.

(Cue trumpet fanfare...) It’s apology corner again folks! This month’s award goes to James Wood of Appleby Associates who claims that the POKE for Inside Outing which we published last issue includes a direct copy of their loading system. This is copyright of Appleby Associates and the person in question shouldn’t have used it. So hacker please take note; no more ripping off people’s code, thank you very much.

After a brief four months at the helm of this legendary organ, it is with regret that I bid you all a fond farewell and leave the post of Editor in the capable hands of Dominic ‘erstwhile’ Handy. This simply means that you’ll have to read Dom’s ramblings instead of mine...

So long, and thanks for all the cash.



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