If the Editorial is the first thing you read (which would be quite ironic, as it’s the last thing that gets written) you probably won’t have noticed the changes in CRASH. So why don’t you flick forward a few pages and take a look at the reviews...

...Pretty slick, aren’t they? We analysed all your criticisms and gave the whole review section a complete revamp. You wanted hints and tips on each of the games, well now you’ve got them. There are loads of other suggestions that we’ve had over the years, and we’ve taken the best of them and tried to implement them into the new design. We’d all love to hear what you think of the new look, so why not drop us all a line. Many thanks must go to Oli ‘Gore? What gore?’ Frey, Roger ‘The Wanderer’ Kean and Mark ‘Overtime? What’s that?’ Kendrick for all the extra effort they put into this issue.

Well, summer has really hit the software market. I know it happens every year, but I still can’t understand the software slump. During summer everyone’s on holiday, right? And if everyone’s on holiday they’ll have more spare time on their hands, right? So they’ll be using the computer more! So why don’t software companies produce MORE games for summer instead of less? Oh, I don’t know — I give up!

I’ve had just enough of this summer fever. There I was at the beginning of July thinking ‘a new car would be great!’. So I popped along to the local garage (which is about 40 miles away — and me without a car!) and duly ordered one. ‘I’ll get it for August 1,’ thought. But no. Apparently the whole country (well, it seems like it) goes on holiday for a fortnight at the end of July, and the transport workers won’t deliver it! Well that’s just fine. If I don’t get my new F-reg before the end of August I’ll go mad... Well, that’s all I can go — I’ve got no wheels, have I?