Mastertronic £2.99

Crikey! Gregory has lost his clock! Poor lad, he’ll have to resort to using his hundred pound gold watch! No, seriously, he put his clock on his bedroom chest of drawers and went for a kip. A naughty ghost came and stole his clock (along with everything else in his bedroom including his body!) and scattered bits all around the dream world. Greg must now find all the pieces of his clock and put them back together to wake him up in the morning.

Different objects must be used in different situations to progress through the adventure. Don Priestly, the programmer, the man behind such classic games as Trap Door, Flunky and Popeye, has his own inimitable style, and it’s used again to great effect. The great thing about Don Priestly’s games is that, despite the huge graphics, there is no colour clash at all. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any colour though — there’s loads!! It’s simply all been used so that no clash is visible. The cartoony style graphics are excellent, with Greg clad in his PJ’s looking a bit like Jack The Nipper. The puzzles are just complex enough to keep you playing, and the different action sequences, like the helicopter and tank bits, add that extra addictiveness.

Gregory Loses His Clock is simply wonderful! Buy it today, and I guarantee you will never regret it.



Overall 91%