System 3/Concept Animations £9.99 cass, £14.99 disk

Today’s world is in peril! Shock, horror! And it’s the very gods of ancient times who’ve told you so! Way back in time an evil god called Dameron has turned good gods bad with the avowed intent to pervert the course of history as we know it. And he’s made sure that the few good gods who remain aren’t allowed to interfere. Things must be in a bad way if gods must seek help from mere mortals. But this is the world’s only hope. They call on you!

Forward to the past you go to battle for the present... and the future. What awaits you are a myriad of mythological beasties lurking in the four sections of this adventure of a lifetime.

Ancient Greece: you enter the pits of hell to survive fighting skeletons, harpies and worse. Your only weapons are fists and feet until you win a sword, and your mission is to kill the many-headed Hydra. A special weapon is needed, find it and you survive to tackle the dreaded Gorgon in the Temple. Another secret weapon is needed, but will you get it?

Success catapults you into Viking mythology. The first task here is to rid a longboat of its very bloodthirsty crew, battle Trolls, Goblins and an immortal dragon called Nidhogg in darkest forests and rescue a good witch named Brunhilda from a band of very nasty fire nymphs. Needless to say, immortal dragons are no straightforward prey: more clever thinking is required. Onto Valhalla, home of the Norse gods, where there’s no escape without vanquishing Thor — God of Thunder and his father Odin, and then breathlessly to Egypt. In a monstrous pyramid lurk three secret passages. Find them, locate Atuma’s Eye, survive the many pitfalls, traps and ghouls and work out your way to King Tutankhamen’s Tomb. Now you are ready (gulp) for the final battle. Only the destruction of Dameron stands between you and the salvation of the human race. Hope you have enough breath left...

System 3 have taken most of the nasty mythological creations of the past and graphically dazzlingly packed them into Myth to create a satisfying beat ’em up/arcade adventure that is no push over. With its companion Tusker, Myth marks a romping return to the heyday of arcade adventures and will keep you puzzling and hacking for a long time indeed.

MARK — 97%

Scary creatures a bound in System 3’s new release, but being a fearless tipster they didn’t scare me (okay, okay, so I was the first one to dive behind the sofa). Myth is tough, at first frustratingly so, but a bit of swashling yer buckle does move you further into the game to face such nasties as the Hydra, Medusa, Mark Caswell... whoops sorry he isn’t in it (or is he?). Anyway, if you fancy playing a mythological hero swiping at all and sundry with a variety of weapons (depending on the time zone), and know how to use your wits, tackle Myth.

NICK — 95%



Great on brawn, great on brain, great on graphics. A winner!