Rainbow Arts/Probe £8.99 cass, £12.99 disk

You’d think this aged white whiskered hero past adventuring, but the Merlin lookalike wizard is up to his pointed hat in trouble, having got himself stuck in 100 meanie-filled rooms with no hope of escape... or has he?

Yes he has, if only he can find his familiar (magical speak for general dogsbody), a little spherical chappie trapped somewhere in the room. The wiz must leap and bound around the room collecting magical bonus items in order to be able to perform his favourite party pieces. Being a magical chap he can create stone blocks to aid his perambulations. And by collecting bonus objects he can destroy the nasty denizens, teleport himself and do other pretty amazing things.

He must not forget to rescue the sphere if he wants to find his way to the next room where he has to go through the whole thing again. The concept is a simple one, and as is very often the case, the simpler the idea the better the game. It’s easy to collect the bonuses and rescue the sphere, at least on the first couple of levels. But the denizens become more and more bloodthirsty, making it increasingly difficult to reach your pal. Spherical is a great romp through lots of dank rooms filled with nasty creatures: buy it now.

MARK — 89%

Spherical is simply an excellent game. It has everything that you could want and more. The graphics are small, but detailed with the occasional appearance of big monsters that fill half the screen! Just avoiding the nasties and collecting the treasure would make an excellent arcade game, but there are the added puzzles to give an extra boost of addictiveness. You have to guide a ball on the screen to the ‘IN’ icon. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because once it drops there’s no getting it up again (choor!). Quick reflexes and an I.Q. of 2,000,000 are needed to succeed for just a couple of rounds (that counts out Corky Caswell!). Luckily, for the pure genius who gets really far (or the cheat — like me!), there are code words for certain levels which take out the frustration of starting right from the beginning again. Spherical is fabulous, well worth a smash!

NICK — 91%



Spherical is a great game well worth the paltry asking price