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MGT has issued the final, definitive and generally all round finished version of the SAM Coupé ROM chip. That means, all current Coupé owners get a new ROM chip to install (soldering larks, ahoy!), and all new Coupés have this upgraded chip inside, with all the problems and bugs in the original ROM cured.

Also there’s a new issue of SAMDOS, the disk operating software. This upgrade on disk has been issued free by MGT — however should there be any further upgrades don’t expect MGT to be quite so generous!

To complete the jigsaw, MGT have list sent out the latest version of the Spectrum Emulator making even more Speccy products SAM Compatible. And while on the subject of compatibility you’ll be pleased, nay ecstatic, to know that Ocean have confirmed that all future Speccy releases will be SAM Coupé compatible! Hurrah!


Don’t miss out on next month’s SAM Update — we’ll be taking a look at the first batch of SAM Coupé specific software. For now, CRASH can reveal screen shots of the very first SAM Coupé specific game — Enigma Variations’ Defenders of the Earth. The Speccy version’s reviewed this month, and we’ll review the Coupé version next issue. For now, feast your eyes on these screens...

And the rest to thrill your socks off are: Kick Off II, Anco, Defenders Of The Earth, Enigma Variations, World Boxing Manager, Goliath, Snoball In Hell, Atlantis, Fun School II, Database, The Race, 3D Snooker and Superleague, Players, Play It Again Sam, MGT/Fissionchip, Desk-Top Publisher, PCG, Puncman, Spanish Gold and Granny’s Garden, Rickitt Educational Media. Review special, ahoy!


Bit of a change for the forum — I’ve got pictures to show this month, as well as words to read. Yes, the response to the plea for you to show off your Coupé art skills has been great. Works of art, created using the Coupé art package Flash! have piled up and, interestingly the majority arriving on disk — nice to see you lot are getting your drives fitted. Sadly, we can only print what space allows (ie: not many pictures at all), but keep sending ’em in — you may see your creations in print! Words and pictures to me — that’s NEWSFIELD, LLOYD’S SAM COUPÉ FORUM, CRASH.

I want to know which disks the Sam Coupé with disk drive use. It seems to me that there is not a lot of point in buying one if there are no programs on disk. I was going to buy a Speccy +3, but we asked for one at a computer shop and they said they hadn’t been made since Christmas!!! I’d get the Coupé if I knew that there was going to be disk software soon (like next month).
William Scott

The Coupé uses 3.5 inch disks, but as yet software houses have made no promises regarding availbility of Coupé software on disk.

I am writing because I have made rather an interesting discovery. When converting a word processor I had written from the +3 to the SAM, I was annoyed to have to copy the program from disk to (unreliable) cassette to load onto the SAM, and then save onto SAM disk. Can I devise a system which will cut out the cassette, I thought to myself? Half as a joke, I connected my cassette lead up to my +3, and the EAR to the SAM. I loaded the program and started to save to cassette. I thought it should work in theory. Save on +3 and load on SAM. It didn’t work. With a flash of inspiration, I swapped EAR to MIC, and tried again. The signal was picked up and the program translated. I have supplied a diagram and operations sheet with this letter.

Another discovery I made while experimenting, was the ability to load 48K programs directly into memory without opening a SNAPSHOT file. Connect your equipment up as before, and load up the header program onto your +3. If possible make the program load all relevant code, and begin to save the program to tape. Then, on the SAM, BOOT UP. Load 2, press 5, select the Emulator, and press (ESC).

Type NEW, then DEVKET — then MODE 1. As it is a code file, press F8, or LOAD""CODE. Watch the program down load. Write a program which loads all relevant code and autoruns. Save this as either 'LINE 5' at the end of the load instruction, or as AUTO X. To run the program, use either the CALL or the RANDOMIZE USR command. As long as the program is compatible, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

I will answer any questions put to me about the SAM or +3.
James Wightman

I am very confused! In the March issue of CRASH somebody wrote into you about the Sam Coupé and said when they got it they loaded up Batman the Movie and it worked, and in the following issue somebody wrote in and said they tried to load it but it didn’t work. I happen to own this game and I am very interested in the Sam Coupé, so what I’d like to know is does it work or doesn’t it?? I also wish to know if it is possible to load games on the Sam Coupé from a normal personal stereo??
Steven Herron

Like the Speccy (except +2) the Coupé uses an external tape player to load in data. Batman will work using Patch 3 but is sensitive, so a decent reliable tape player is a must.

Keep on SAMing and look out for more letters next issue...