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Alan Miles: Always confident that the Coupé would find a new company to support it.

Over the last few weeks since CRASH 78 hit the streets you’ve probably read endless stories in the computer weeklies that Miles Gordon Technology, producers of the SAM Coupé went into receivership on Monday 11 June. ‘What hope do SAM Coupé owners have now?’ they cried! Well, it’s a shame weeklies must grab a story whether they know all of it or not. They don’t hold on — and in this case their need to create a dramatic headline obviously threw curent Coupé owners into a state of panic. The endless letters and phone calls CRASH has received during the past month proves that.

The good news is that the SAM Coupé has found a new home, though at the moment (24 hours before this issue starts rolling off the presses) no one is at liberty to tell us which company now has the rights to the Coupé. Fear not CRASH will tell you everything next month.

Readers who ordered a Coupé through CRASH mail order can also rest assured. As soon as we heard that MGT could no longer supply the Coupé we found another supplier who could fulfill the many orders. Better than writing shocking headlines...

Alan Miles, boss of MGT, was always confident that the Coupé would find a new resting place: ‘It was the company that failed, not the product. We owed it to our customers, the developers and ourselves to find a stronger company to take on the Coupé and the later products we have planned’.

Hopefully the SAM Coupé will soon be back on the road to success — and CRASH is right behind it!!

The SAM Coupé: Its light doesn’t stop shining!


While waiting for details of the new Coupé company, owners of the SAM Coupé can turn to Format, the Coupé user group, for any help they may need. A telephone hotline to answer users’ problems and to provide technical help advice on all things Coupé is now open.


Ian Slavin has sent in this interesting listing to make your SAM Coupé do some pretty amazing graphic displays. Type it in and away you go!

10 LET S=1: FOR A=0 TO PI/2 STEP (PI/2)/120
20 PLOT PEN S; 128+35*COS A,77+70*SIN -A: DRAW TO PEN S; 128+70*SIN A,77+35*COS -A
30 LET S=S+1: IF S=16 THEN LET S=1
50 FOR A=1 TO 15: FOR S=4 TO 0 STEP -1: LET C=A+S: IF C>15 THEN LET C=C-15


The level of compatibility betweem Speccy games and the SAM Coupé has always been a a problem. Graham ‘Turbo’ Mason (yes, he of PokeMania) wrote the emulator and would like to clear up a few points...

‘There have been a lot of reports about the incompatibility. This has been caused by MGT having several versions of the Coupé ROM and not telling me. I wrote the emulator for the Coupé I had. So, because of that, people who had the same ROM as my Coupé got it to work. Those with a different ROM complained that nothing loaded.

‘The issue two ROM is finished and so is the Coupé/Speccy emulator version three. Alan Miles and Gary Thomas have extensively tested Speccy games on it and have found, from a recent top 30, only one game that doesn’t load. The new degree of compatibility is extremely high.’

Watch this page next month, for all you want to know about your new SAM!