Stop yer sheep worrying and cop a squat because...

This is

Make Some Noise!

We’re back with a bang and enough action to make this summer the hottest on record (even though it’s raining)! Using your replies to the Crashtionnaire we ran a few months back, we’ve given CRASH a good shake-up and this is the result! You asked for more pages — you’ve got them (and they’ll be even more in the autumn)! More screenshots — you’ve got them! Bigger reviews — you’ve got them! A 20-quid note stuck to the cover — you should be so lucky.

Also on the special front this month is the beginning of our Top 100 Games series. We’ve started the countdown from 100 to 75 this issue but it’s your votes for the rest we want — this is going to be the official Speccy best-ever games list (and, what’s more, you could win £100 worth of software!). So, get on and enjoy it and drop us a line telling us what you reckon — Lloyd’s waiting by the letterbox (and I’m about to push a wet haddock through it).

Until next month, which is going to be an absolutely brilliant issue, make it burn!


Your Ed


Let’s ‘meet and greet’ the team (whoever invented that phrase deserves to be munched).

Richard ‘Lush-around!’ Eddy, Editor

Age: 23 (I’m going to have to start lying soon). Weight: It varies. Height: 5ft 10(ish)? Fave games: Total Recall, all the Dizzy games, Bubble Bobble, all the Super Mario Bros games (especially Super Mario World on the Nintendo Super Famicom). Likes: My cat, Bobs (she’s a lush-cake), gossip, Kylie, flexible deadlines, going out and lushing about. Dislikes: My other cat, Rocky (he’s just cost me a fortune at the vet’s), buying a car, ’cos I know clat all about them, strict deadlines. Fave phrase: Excellent City!

Nick ‘Pie’ Roberts, Staffer

Age: 19. Weight: Cough, mutter, ahem. Height: 5ft 10 with spikey hair, 5ft without. Fave Games: Turrican 2, Maria’s Christmas Box, anything with eggs in it, Give A Dog A Bone (Nick’s one-meg SAM game), Rugby Coach. Likes: Julie, writing SAM games, slagging off Mark, black clothes, left-handed water skiing. Dislikes: Beards, Walton’s custard tarts, heavy metal music. Fave phrase: Chooor!

Lloyd ‘Old’ Mangram, Staffer

camera shy

Age: Over the hill. Weight: Sturdy. Height: 6ft (without platform shoes). Fave Games: Jet Set Willy, Penetrator, anything else no-one remembers. Likes: gardening, slippers, Enor, steaming unfranked stamps off letters, paper bags. Dislikes: Young ’uns (especially Nick), tourists, mouse traps, April Fools’ day. Fave phrase: It weren’t like this in my day.

Mark ‘Corky’ Caswell, Staffer

Age: 26 (crumbly, eh?). Weight: 3 tons. Height: Bigger than Nick. Fave Games: Dropzone (C64), NARC (Speccy), Smash TV (coin-op). Likes: Walking into things, bizarre clothing, chatting up PR girls, drinking gallons of coffee. Dislikes: Ludlow, everyone in Ludlow, erm, make that Shropshire. No, erm, the universe. Life in general. Life itself. Fave phrase: Can I leave early today, please?

Warren ‘Stringbean’ Lapworth, Sub Editor

Age: Age doesn’t count when you’re a pan-dimensional creature. Height: Tallish. Weight: 3 ounces. Fave Games: Tiddlywinks, Wizball (C64), Pin The Blame On The Staffer. Likes: Riding see-saws with a bag of sugar, anything but work, ridiculous footwear, long spacky hair, dubious social activities. Dislikes: People asking ruddy stupid questions, people with ginger hair, small animals and furry children, celery. Fave phrase: Why am I not surprised.

Markie ‘Colin’ Kendrick, Art Editor

Age: 20 and going bald. Height: Average for a Brummy. Weight: A bit more than Woz. Fave Games: Hide The Sausage (old party game), Bite The Dust, all the Ultimate games. Likes: Putting colour pages in mono, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Maddy’s buttered baps, getting Charlie to buy the drinks. Dislikes: Anyone taking the mickey, Charlie not buying the drinks, people with a full head of hair. Fave phrase: Not my job, pal!