Golden Pyramid

Zenobi Software, £1.99


If that’s a palm tree and that’s a pyramid, then this must be Egypt!

I love tea, you know. Bit of a tea-aholic, actually. In fact, I can make the best cup of tea this side of the Mersey.

I’ll waste no time in declaring this my adventure of the month. A little cracker and no mistake. Considering it’s been created using The Quill and the trusty Patch utilities author Laurence Creighton has done a wonderful job.

It’s the puzzles that really set this game alight. They come at you thick and fast; from the very beginning, you’re up against it. Having jumped out of the aircraft, you find yourself stuck up a tree with two or three puzzles to solve and face failure if you make a wrong move.

Another thing I like about the puzzles is they’re interconnected. Use an object to find another object, use that object to kill a beast, use that beast to solve a puzzle, and so on. It’s not tremendously difficult but the whole game flows well.

The plot takes a back seat which is a shame but no great loss — this is sensible design considering the game is a single-part 48K adventure. In fact, even the normally loathed time limit at the start of the game proved more challenging than frustrating.

Technically, Golden Pyramid is up to scratch, with RAM save/load plus a few effective sounds to spice up the game. All in all, an excellent game and plenty of value for your dosh.