Ice those lush-cakes because...

This is

Livin it up!

Well, that’s it. The summer’s over. Personally, I wouldn’t mind finding out when it actually began. Where were the stream of endless hot days? Whatever happened to the CRASH day out at the seaside? It was rained off, that’s what! But, as usual, the Speccy suffered from a drought of games through the summer only this month picking up (ever so slightly) with the first of the big-name autumn games coming through. Check out The Simpsons from Ocean and US Gold’s action-packed double-act of hits: Final Fight and Alien Storm. We’re all hoping things will liven up now. There are certainly some hot looking games on the way tune in to the previews to catch a glimpse of G-Loc, RoboCop 3, Mega Twins and heaps more! On the people front this month we have a new arrival a big hearty ‘Hello!’ to Lucy Hickman who climbs aboard the good ship CRASH and takes up her position of Assistant Ed (and a damn fine one she is too!). Find out about her below! Also, Will Evans, who helped out last issue, did such a fine job he’s been back in the office reviewing (many thanks, Will). Right then, get on with it: there’s a brilliant selection of games and power-programs on the Powertape this month (Doomdark’s Revenge and Spy Vs Spy will keep you stuck to your screens for ages!). Have a good month and we’ll be back next issue with the first real mountain of stuff as the Speccy games scene gets into gear for the busiest time of the year! See you then.


Hurrah for Lucy Hickman!

Stealing Lloyd’s desk and dragging it through the office was Lucy’s first job (filling up the holes she made in the wall with the desk’s legs was the second). So, — yes! — CRASH has a brand new shiny Assistant Editor! Lucy’s 22 and comes from Shrewsbury, just up the road from Ludlow. Before CRASH, Lucy’s worked on Shropshire’s number one paper, the Shropshire Star (as a Senior Journalist) and for national papers (including The Mirror and The Sun). Lucy only joined CRASH a week ago and hasn’t had a chance to get into this month’s games, but she’s been playing WWF Wrestlemania (‘pleasantly violent!’) and Turtles 2 — The Arcade Game (‘great beat-’em-up!’) on the Nintendo, in preparation for when the Speccy versions arrive. And, d’you know what? She can’t wait!