Here’s NICK ROBERTS with all the latest updates (and birthday dates) on software and hardware in the SAM COUPÉ world as the fab 8-bit computer celebrates its first anniversary (ooh, isn’t it a big boy then).


You wouldn’t believe it would you? Sam Computers Ltd is now one year old, and to celebrate they are releasing a special package of goodies!

The pack is strictly limited edition and will include such tempting titbits as a one level demo version of Prince Of Persia, previews of some of the latest SAM releases, lots of posters and badges, a best of Fred and Enceladus disk and a couple of full games.

And what’s the price of this great pack? Well, it’s £20 — but with the amount of stuff in it, it should be worth every penny. Don’t forget: this package is strictly limited edition, so if you want one you’d better get onto SAM Co fairly swiftly and reserve one.


More up to the minute (well almost) news from SAM Co — this time concerning two games being worked on. Colin Jordon (he of Revelation fame) is currently working on a SAM conversion of the classic Spectrum game Splat! from Incentive, which got 81.5% way back in CRASH issue 1!! Most people probably don’t remember this gem, but it involved a small blob moving around a landscape that changes direction randomly. All the player has to do is collect the items dotted around each landscape and avoid getting killed on spikes, water, etc.

Another Spectrum classic soon to make a SAM appearance is Arkanoid — or something that resembles it. The Lords Of Insanity who have programmed lots of demos and short games for the SAM are working on it, and it looks like a winner!


Yes, yet more SAM Public Domain software has been released since our last little chat. Some great new releases from SAM Disk fell on my desk this morning, and on loading them up I was very impressed!

Steven ‘Pickasso’ Pick is the man with the artistic touch, and all his graphics are absolutely brilliant. (Praise indeed.) All the menu screens on the demo disks he’s sent me are packed with colour and cute characters. If Steven got together with a good programmer they could produce one hell of a game! Take a look at some of the screen shots dotted around this page and you’ll see what I mean!

Besides the great menu screens in SAM Disk you’ll find lots of fonts for use in your programs, text nattering on about games and PD software, plus animated demos and screens to gaze at. A favourite pastime of Pickasso’s is making mock up screens of games on other computers. Chase HQ, Pang, Rainbow Islands and Lemmings all make an appearance somewhere on these new disks.

The disks are the Pickasso Portfolio, SAM Coupé PD Update 0 and SAM Disk 5: they each cost £2 and details can be obtained from Steven Pick, SAM Disk.



Steve’s Software
£12.50 (£2.50 to upgrade)

A database program written in 99% machine code to allow storage of up to 384K of data in continuous memory. The enhancements allow you to convert files from other databases, use a variety of fonts and have complete freedom over the sorting of your database. It comes with a demonstration database with all the Z80 machine code instructions listed with their operation.


Graham Burtenshaw

Since the last issue Enceladus has undergone a few changes to its look and content. It’s now even more professional than it was before, and the price has also been slashed from £3.99 to £2.50. This has got to be one of the best disk magazines around for programmers and fun seekers alike.


Colin MacDonald

Yet another Fred disk with more stunning demos and screens. Highlights of this one include a great Gods demo showing the animation frames from this 16-bit hit, Encounters demos with more hilarious antics, and the regular machine code column.



This is the latest piece of software from the SAM Co software house and is a word processing package. It has various modes, making it suitable for everyone from the most advanced user to the beginner. If you’re teaching your children to write this would be a great help: the program draws the letters as it prints them, for the pupil to imitate.

More up to the minute news next time!

If you have anything to say or send in you can contact me at: Newsfield, NICK’S SAM PAGE, CRASH. See ya!