Candid CRASH

Crash for President!

Hello there, y’all! How’s it hangin’? Well, as you might have noticed:


What better Christmas prezzie could you ask for than your all-time favourite Speccy mag making a grand comeback so you can catch up on all the gen this festive season? (Anyone who can think of a better prezzie will be shot, shortly after being boiled in oil!!!) It just shows you can’t keep a good thing down (madam) — no matter what those other magazines might say.

Before I go on, I must thank our dear friends at Your Sinclair for their sincerity when they thought CRASH was gone for good. I mean, weren’t they just dripping with it? (well, they’re always dripping with something — Nicko). No, Nick, don’t be nasty, after all, they paid us the biggest compliment in the world when Newsfield went down the swanny — they liked us so much they tried to... wait for it... Yes, they tried to buy us! More on that topic in Happenings.

Still, it’s nice to know who your friends are, I suppose, and nice Gazza Sumpter at Sinclair User really did sound upset about it all, but perhaps that’s because he remembers his days working on CRASH with fondness. Thanks Gazza.

Well, all that remains to be said now is HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A STUPENDOUS NEW YEAR.

See y’all next month,