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Crash Contents

Format: 8.5 x 11"
Price: no more than 80p, preferably 65p.
Monthly - web printed.
Pages: 1120128, 48 pages in col. - half for ads.
Col.+ spot. Some spot - 16-32 pages.
Mono: 32-48.

Exhaustive reviews on games software. Big + splashy presentation, with a proper description of the game including valuation along the lines of book/film/record reviews.

Col. + spot. News about up and coming games from the various software houses. A little bit lke "films to come", emphasis on prerelease artwork, the authros. Valuable serervice to advertisers - free prepublicity. Generate continuing anticipation of thrills to come.

What's bg in the states?

Profile of publishers

Hardware reviews when applicable to games. Shows the mag to be up to date.

Features: Club news, including short snappy profile on an individual club with photo - all about their activities.

Bytes from the Past: interesting, humorous facts about "ancient" computers.

Any sensational news about new advances in mainframe computers.

Pop Groups and how they use computer technology.

Increase interest in music synthesizing on own micro.

Try to appeal to parallel interest in music and micro games of young people. Do pop stars play micro games?

Free personal classifieds to start with.

Fiction: quirky, extravagant, sensational involving computers.

Two comic strips, alternating monthly, where readers can win prizes by providing beast continuation of adventure using logic and sticking to character. Use notion of "Dungeons and Dragons" where people take on roles in a given scenario.

Science fiction strip with an involved plot, where hero is seen to be using microcomputer ability to save himself and others from destruction. A bit of "Tron", but incorporating programming in story - not just as background.

Setting would incorporate features from the most popular arcade games to build up computer related universe combining arcade action plus adventure game strategy and complicated alternate world creation, like "Lord of the Rings" and similar.

Maybe the odd listing of reader's programmes, but not too much as they tend to be bad games. On the other hand they generate reader interest.


Advance news of exhibitions

Book reviews

Reader's opinions on games

Opinion column about state of the art, good or bad, where will it lead to, are micros obsessive etc., hopefully by well known people in the media - and invite readers to write their opinions on the present + future of micro world.

Top Twenty? Readers send in coupon stating their favourite game. One will be pulled from the hat and win a prize.

Other magazines Guide + monthly contents

Style: 'Entertainment plus.'

Avoid existing wmp. mags [?] looks of trade mags. Develop the zappy look of pop mags.

Language must be user friendly, inviting complicity and a sense of belonging to a group that feels superiod, creating a world of life to come - streetwise, knowing wheree microless kids can't go!

Coin pet phrases and words as adjectives to games action thrills, which must be incorporated throughout mag.

Attitude of editorial matter must be seen to be on the side of readers - giving them the lowdown with sharp honesty - saving them nasty surprises when buying software.

Roger Kean: Editor + layout
Oli: Art Directory + strips
Franco: Technical side, management, layout
all three contributing editorially