Birth of CRASH

In preparation for “The Fantasy Art of Oliver Frey”, Oli came across a number of sketches and photos from the early days of CRASH.

Many thanks to Oli for making these available, and to “Mort” for passing them on.

Page from sketch pad with at top the final proportional pencil rough for the CRASH logo and rough for the first Crash Micro Games Action mail order catalogue cover dated June 83. Below in biro, Oliver Frey’s rough calculations for costings on turning the catalogue into a magazine (probably done in August 83). Left column with 75p cover, right with 60p cover.

Second page from same pad with a breakdown of potential editorial contents written in Oliver’s hand.

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Continuation on third page. Note the birth of Terminal Man idea.

Continuation on fourth page. Note highlighted para detailing the creation of special adjectives/phrases (such as “shoot ’em up”). At bottom a thumbnail of anticipated salaries/costs.

A somewhat more detailed cost breakdown in Roger’s hand, probably done in September as the reality of a CRASH magazine took hold with a “go” from the distribution company Wells, Gardner & Darton.