Inside Issue 1 of CRASH


Reviews in CRASH are split — in the LIVING GUIDE you will find old & new programs listed with mini-reviews, which will enable you to ‘catch up’ on games you may have missed.

The second part is reviews for all the new ganes out in the month prior to publication. These will be detailed reviews telling you important details such as the control keys, joystick options and what the graphics are like. They will be written by young people probably very like yourself, and at least 3 reviewers will write about each game reviewed.

Become a Reviewer

There will be COMPETITIONS GALORE in CRASH, two or three in every issue about all sorts of topics. In the first issue there is a competition for those who fancy their hand at becoming games reviewers. You’ll be able to choose three well known programs from over 50 titles in all sorts of categories including utilities and education. If you do well in any of the chosen categories, you could find yourself being asked to write reviews that will appear in future issues of CRASH!

Run it Again

This will be a regular feature in which a few of our reviewers will get together and compare versions of the same type of game from different software houses. The first issue is SHOOT EM UP — a look at Galaxian/Invader games. Kong ganes will be the subject of the second issue.


IT’S YOUR CHART OF TOP 20 PROGRAMS! Now you can tell the shops what to sell instead of the shops telling you what to buy. Help us by either phoning or writing in (there’s a form in every issue) with your top favourite prograns. The results of each month’s vote will appear in the next issue of CRASH — and you will have helped put it there!!

Totally Entertaining!

CRASH is first and foremost an entertainment magazine. If playing computer games is fun, we can’t see why reading about the software shouldn’t be fun as well. Not only will you be getting the very latest info on new games, you’ll be getting it served up with superzappovision illustrations too. No dry listings here — they take up too much valuable space — all we’re doing is telling you what’s around and whether or not it’s any good.