Living Guide To Spectrum Software

Due to the enormous amount of games which have been pouring from the keyboards of software houses over the past few months, the CRASH SPECTRUM GUIDE has already grown beyond our original expectations. After consulting several of you at the 10th. ZX Microfair we have decided to split the guide up into two sections, each printed alternate months. The alternative to this would have been to start cutting down the entries, which we felt would rob the guide of some of its value. Therefore, this month we have the arcade section (see list of headings below), and next month’s guide headings include Cards, Boards & Gambling, Sports Simulations, Simulations, Strategies, Adventures and Utilities. In this way we aim to keep the Crash Guide up to the standard we have already set without it becoming too unwieldy.

Programs are listed under convenient headings with the programs listed alphabetically by title. The software house is shown, together with the memory required, the retail price and author where known. The figure in brackets after the price indicates the issue of CRASH in which a full review for the game may be found (where it exists). Please note that references to joystick provisions invariably refer to the type of interface that may be used.