Huh! Well into the summer season and all I’ve managed to do is sunburn both shoulders and one half of my face. Typical. I go through the same pointless charade every summer (well, every summer the sun shines) but never has it been worthwhile. Maybe I ought to go back to wearing clothes pegs. Graeme only thinks it’s stupid because he can’t figure out why I wear them. Still, the hot days have forced me to many a pub to avoid dehydration where many pints of cider have been consumed in thirst quenching ecstacy.

Apart from quaffing the ale and becoming a part time culture vulture during the Ludlow Festival, I’ve had more time to delve into arcane tomes on role playing and have whetted my appetite for the autumn to come. If and when Games Workshop get their Convention schedule sorted out properly, I will go along and join in the festivities. If you have never visited such conventions, I can only suggest you keep a look out for the upcoming events and drag yourself along. Assuming there’s a bar, I’ll let you buy me a pint. If there aren’t any bars, I’ll take you to a pub and then you can buy me a pint. In return I’ll listen to your abuse. An offer you can’t refuse.

Meanwhile... Game Designers’ Workshop, the American company responsible for Traveller has altered its quarterly Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society to standard magazine format, widened the subject matter and renamed it Challenge, now available at all good games shops at a ridiculously inflated price. However, they’ve started a regular page devoted to program listings for referee’s aids. They are actually written with Apple users in mind but would not need much alteration to run on a Spectrum. It is worth taking a look at if you use your trusty black box for such things.

One other thing. As this issue goes on sale, hope for clear nights. There’s a meteor shower known as the Perseids which should peak around this time. Well, it’s something to watch while you lie on your back in the garden cooling the suntan in the evening breezes.

Good deeds over. Let’s get on with the reviews...