Tape inlay

Mirrorsoft Mid October

A long way into the future the pleasure seekers of Britain are bone-idle, downright slobs. Everyone who needs to get anywhere travels by molecular disassembly/assembly — so much safer than using the only existing road — the London Orbital, the M25. Known as ‘The Battletrack’, it’s a place where a rebel minority armed with lethal bikes race up the streets killing each other. You wanna see the action? It’s mean, it’s vicious, and watch out for low bridges when you type LOAD"" and sit back to enjoy Mirrorsoft’s demo, which is also reviewed in this issue.

Incentive, End October

You’ve seen the Freescape screen shots previewed — now see it in action as Incentive’s Driller demo takes you through some puzzles from section one. Driller will have two objectives within the game, the primary task being to drill holes into the moon’s surface to allow dangerous gas to escape, and second to deactivate automatic defence systems which are causing a problem. There’s on-screen text (press any key to move from screen to screen) describing the game, and it’s LOAD"" to see Driller in ravishing 3-D.

Gremlin Graphics, October

Squeaky clean arcade adventure antics in Gremlin’s Walt Disney licence. This demo offers 15 playable screens to tickle about to discover five clues which should help solve the mystery of what really happened to Doctor Dawson. Keys are Z/X left/right, K/M up/down, ENTER to leap and SPACE to pick up or examine. Elementary clue hunting begins with LOAD"".

GO!, October

The first game from US Gold’s new label comes from Probe Software and stars Trantor as the all-round good guy hero. Trantor isn’t really the last stormtrooper — there’s a load of the lads but, as you can see from the demo, when the space craft lands within a deep crater Trantor is the only one to escape alive before the craft blows to smithereens. Now alone within the bowels of the planet he must fight for survival. The music is down-loaded from an Amiga and synthesises four-channel sound. LOAD""

Ocean, End September

We were hoping to have Gryzor as well, but development of the program continues even now. The review of Athena is in this issue, but here’s a chance to try out the game yourself in this playable demo of the first level. Keys are redefinable, and there’s a choice of joysticks. Athena is a formidable woman, belting her way through life collecting weapons and powers hidden behind the rock formations. Kill the ogres and other assorted nasties. Time is constantly ticking down as the damage level increases. Be on your guard.

LOAD"" to load the master program, then STOP THE TAPE, select the desired keys or choose a joystick and then load in the playable first level. If you finish the level — don’t attempt to load in another level even if the computer prompts you to — it simply isn’t there!

Elite, Christmas

Jungle life in Elite’s long awaited arcade conversion. The two-player game, although you can go it alone, takes our hero through the jungle and swamp section of the game. Full on-screen instructions inform you about the control system — but once chosen it isn’t possible to select again. The full task will be to struggle through several levels to rescue General Alexander Cook — however, you can’t accomplish that in our demo, it’s just a good old fashioned shoot-’em-up. LOAD""

Martech, October

A demo of Martech’s latest 2000 AD licence with that weird control method. Gasp as you see Sláine’s thoughts waft through his mind on the left of the screen! Thrill to the comic-strip pictures as you see Sláine maim, kill and maim some more! And perspire to the pre-release hype on the top right. All this and more when you LOAD ""