‘What’s this?’, I hear you cry, ‘No new faces?’. Nope, I’m afraid not. In fact things are getting very normal here at CRASH Towers. Well, they were until Dave Baxter from GO! rang up with news of the latest Rainbow Arts release. We just had to squeeze a review in, you just wouldn’t believe the trouble we went to. It all started when... no, I think I’ll save that story for some other time. Perhaps Christmas, when we’ll have literally hundreds of pages to fill!

So what’s happening? Well, this month we’ve got a great Adventure Trail Extra — Samara’s been through three quills in a week! And what about the Adventure Trail Extra cover? Goes nicely with the Split Screen feature, don’t you think? No doubt, censorship — the subject of discussion this month — will create a few postal worries for Lloyd’s pigeon holes, and that’s not a bad thing. (After all, he is going on holiday this month!) If Split Screen doesn’t get your back up then take a look at the feature on the Amiga and ST — it exposes the real facts about these so-called mega-computers.

Don’t forget about the National Computer Games Championships. By the time you read this all the qualifying heats will be over. The semi-finals take place at Manchester Airport on August 16 and at Waterloo Station on August 18. So, if you can find time between lazing in the sun (huh, some joke that is!) and watching Neighbours — well, that’s all Nick Roberts ever does — why not come along and join us? It’ll be a scream!

Finally, if there’s anyone out there that fancies handling mounds of technical queries and reviews, please drop me a line. Tell me all about yourself and what sort of technical hardware and software knowledge you have.

Next month sees the last of Simon Goodwin’s regular columns for CRASH — ‘I just can’t cope!’. Although, he’ll still be writing the odd technical feature, on things like the new Sinclair Professional PC (see the news for more on that).

So what are waiting you for? Start reading.



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