Issue 55 August 1988

CRASH 55 cover


Go FORWARD and LOOK at the best thing an adventurer could ASK for. EXAMINE the pages of Samara’s Adventure Trail Extra and you will FIND an exclusive interview with the masters of the microchip, Magnetic Scrolls. Plus a LOOK at the top adventures coming your way and a multitude of reviews and hints on the latest games.


Everyone has their own ideas about censorship in the software industry. In this month’s Split Screen we take a look at both points of view. It’s not just Martech who have created a hiatus, others are also at fault. On what side of the censorship fence do you fall?

So which is the best, the Atari ST or the Commodore Amiga? Should you splash out £400 on one of these 16-bit ‘wonder computers’, or are they all just sound and graphics? We compare both machines and find out if the software is up to the machines’ high specification.


Vixen inlay



  • Alternative World Games Gremlin Graphics
  • Arctic Fox Electronic Arts
  • The Bard’s Tale Electronic Arts
  • Battle Ships Encore
  • The Damned Forest Cult
  • Dream Warrior US Gold
  • European 5-A-Side Silverbird
  • Fairly Difficult Mission Zodiac Software
  • First Past The Post Cult
  • The Fury Martech
  • The Great Giana Sisters Rainbow Arts
  • Hopping Mad Elite
  • Impossible Mission II Epyx
  • Kemshu Cult
  • Marauder Hewson
  • Mindfighter Abstract Concepts
  • Night Raider Gremlin Graphics
  • Octan Silverbird
  • Overkill Atlantis
  • Pogostick Olympics Silverbird
  • Ready Steady Go Alternative
  • The Realm Cult
  • Return to Doom Topologika
  • Road Blasters US Gold
  • Rogue Mastertronic
  • Stunt Bike Simulator Silverbird
  • Stalingrad CCS
  • Time and Magik Level 9/Mandarin
  • Virus Firebird

Editor Dominic Handy
Assistant Editor Katharina Hamza
Production Editor Barnaby Page
Staff Writers Mark Caswell, Philip King, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts
Editorial Assistants Frances Mable, Glenys Powell
Photography Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson (assistant)
Contributors Jon Bates, Raffaele Cecco, Paul Evans, Simon N Goodwin, Ian Phillipson, Philippa Irving, Brendon Kavanagh, Paul Sumner, Stuart Wynne
Production Manager Jonathan Rignall
Art Director Mark Kendrick
Assistant Art Director Wayne Allen
Production Team Ian Chubb, Melvin Fisher, Robert Millichamp, Yvonne Priest, Matthew Uffindell
Editorial Director Roger Kean
Publisher Geoff Grimes
Advertisement Manager Roger Bennett
Sales Executives Andrew Smales, Sarah Chapman
Assistant Jackie Morris
Mail Order Carol Kinsey
Subscriptions Denise Roberts