Issue 57 October 1988

CRASH 57 cover


In this month’s FREE booklet, we take a look at the greatest Spectrum games of all time. Flick through the 16 pages of memory-stirring screen shots and didactic comment. It’s probably our greatest booklet yet! Make sure yours hasn’t slipped out.


Where have all the ideas gone? In the olden days, when the Spectrum was just a rubber board that you kept on coming back to, ideas were freely flowing from the minds of excited young programmers. What has happened to these ideas? Where has all the originality gone?

We usually wake up to it. On returning home from school it’s more than often the first thing we turn to. Then the rest of the day is probably spent in front of it. What is it? The television, of course. Computers are infiltrating the TV production studios. Find out how.


We’re all going on a summer holiday... No more worries for a week or two. Well not unless your name’s MARK CASWELL or PHIL KING. It was these two gentlemen who travelled to rain-drenched Blackpool to find out the top coin-ops of the summer. We expose the games that you’ll find when you pop in to your local arcade. What are they?

We have all wanted to ask an important software industry personality a few things or two at one time or another. How did they get a certain film licence, or perhaps, how do they continue to produce such high quality software. So how can you get these questions to the people in the highest echelons of power? Well we’ll help you do it!




Editor Dominic Handy
Sub Editors Barnaby Page, David Peters
Staff Writers Mark Caswell, Philip King, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts
Photography Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson
Contributors Jon Bates, Raffaele Cecco, Andrew Chapman, Ian Cull, Paul Evans, Ian Phillipson, Paul Sumner
Production Manager Jonathan Rignall
Reprographics Supervisor Matthew Uffindell
Art Director Mark Kendrick
Assistant Art Director Wayne Allen
Production Team Ian Chubb, Melvin Fisher, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris, Yvonne Priest
Editorial Director Roger Kean
Publisher Geoff Grimes
Advertisement Manager Roger Bennett
Sales Executives Andrew Smales, Sarah Chapman
Assistant Jackie Morris
Mail Order Carol Kinsey
Subscriptions Denise Roberts

ABC TOTAL: 96,590
UK/EIRE: 90,822