Adventure Trail with Samara

Ahh, it’s that time of year again and I really feel nostalgic for home... Tinsel’ll be hanging from the pyramids now, and little multicoloured fairy lights draped over the camel’s humps. Everyone’s probably arguing over whether we’ll have a sandstorm on Christmas Day — I hope so, even if I won’t be there (sniff), I love a yellow Christmas! But what a strange place CRASH Towers is during the Christmas season. There the roof is covered in a blanket of that odd white stuff which accompanies the festive period... dandruff, I think it’s called.

Oh well, on these chilly nights what better way to warm yourself than by sitting beside the fireplace, a snake coiled in your lap while you ponder over an adventure or two.

No doubt the big software companies have plans for what you’ll want under the Christmas tree, but until they’ve got some finished games for us to review, how about some homegrown games? This month’s offerings are all based on sinister themes, so brace yourself for some spine-tingling chills and read on, brave adventurer, read on...