Issue 59 December 1988

CRASH 59 cover


Happy Christmas! Sorry we couldn’t afford any wrapping paper but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this month’s smokin’ tape with two complete, playable sections of CRASH Smash Thunder Blade and a looped stage of the rubber-burning LED Storm... No playing it before Christmas...


Slaying firebreathing Editors and breaking open dungeons is all in a day’s work for Graham Callum. The most wise of RPG adventurers gives CRASH readers a beginner’s guide to Dungeons And Dragons, the hobby now inspiring dozens of computer games.

Nick Roberts reveals all! Pleading for more time to finish Tips Nick is forced into exposing his intimate secrets to the public. Why is Nick so cool? How can we imitate him? Nick Roberts’s Crucial Guide Exclusively in your smokin’ CRASH.

Mel Croucher is Father Christmas shock! CRASH gets behind the jolly facade and has the famous old codger talk about the baffling and utterly useless techno toys he delivers year after year. Peek inside Santa’s sack early this year with CRASH.

Identity of KGB agent revealed! Ian Phillipson confesses to anti-British feelings, hating spy-fi serials ’cause he prefers Bird of Prey. Detailed examination of the hi-tech TV serials the Kremlin wants most, with secret photos.

Eurovision! A special look at software from the continent...

PLUS... Programmers on Programmers — the best Spectrum programmers pass judgement...




  • 2-D Game Maker CRL
  • Afterburner Activision
  • Artura Gremlin Graphics
  • The Beast Marlin Games
  • The Devil’s Hand Compass Software
  • Laser Squad Target Games
  • Last Ninja II System 3
  • Live And Let Die Domark
  • Mini-Putt Electronic Arts
  • Operation Wolf Ocean
  • Pac-Mania Grandslam
  • Peter Beardsley’s International Football Grandslam
  • Rex Martech
  • RoboCop Ocean
  • R-Type Electric Dreams
  • The Runestone of Zaobab Eric Stewart
  • Savage Firebird
  • Supersports Gremlin Graphics
  • Thunder Blade US Gold
  • Typhoon Imagine

Editor Dominic Handy
Assistant Editor Stuart Wynne
Staff Writers Mark Caswell, Philip King, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts
Photography Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson
Contributors Jon Bates, Graham Callum, Raffaele Cecco, Mel Croucher, Ian Cull, Paul Evans, Philippa Irving, Ian Lacey, Barnaby Page, Ian Phillipson, Paul Sumner
Editorial Assistants Caroline Blake, Vivian Vickress
Production Manager Jonathan Rignall
Reprographics Supervisor Matthew Uffindell
Art Director Mark Kendrick
Assistant Art Director Wayne Allen
Production Team Ian Chubb, Melvin Fisher, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris, Yvonne Priest
Editorial Director Roger Kean
Publisher Geoff Grimes
Advertisement Manager Roger Bennett
Sales Executives Andrew Smales, Sarah Chapman
Assistant Jackie Morris
Mail Order Carol Kinsey
Subscriptions Denise Roberts

ABC TOTAL: 96,590
UK/EIRE: 90,822