Bemoaning his lack of space for just one game-packed issue — PAUL EVANS takes us on a quick tour of what’s new on-line

ONE OF the biggest establishments in the world of computer training, ITEC has just launched a new on-line service providing all kinds of SIGs for everything from building to teaching! It’s pretty vague what the actual system contains but if you wish to try it, it’s free and open 24 hours a day. The system requires scrolling software and a 300/300 baud modem.


Another board has recently been launched, called Diamond Viewdata. It’s a general information board, with a few SIGs, and is run on Ruby-Tel, an Amiga package. When I took a poke around, there was not much open and the frames were not very imaginative to say the least! Diamond promises information on builders, motoring, restaurants, florists, dental services (?), golf clubs, car hire and many more, as the blurb points out. See what you think anyway.


If you are a member of the home shopping system, Shop-Tv, then you may of guessed that it has connections with the new catalogue shop, Index. Because of this new link-up, warehouse services have been improved and there is a seven day promise on all items and free delivery!


It’s a shame that the +3 expansion bus was redesigned to make sure it would be incompatible with everything in the universe. I’ve just had another letter, this time from Mr PV Salvage, asking how he could get his VTX 5000 modem to work with it. Unfortunately there’s no way, due to the re-arranged power lines — you’ll have to get a new modem. Issue 54 had a look at one such item, the Spectre Comms pack from Spectre Comms Ltd. The pack is £49.95, also available with a Tandata QMOD for £99.95.

Ok, next time we shall be looking at a few other boards that are available for us. Don’t forget to send info on your board if you run one! Tra!