Issue 61 February 1989

CRASH 61 cover


As we enter the New Year, CRASH brings you your very own Oliposter. Hopefully we’ll we getting Oli ‘master of the airbrush’ to continue the trend throughout the year. Watch out for more from this great artist!





  • A Question Of Sport Elite
  • Blackbeard Kixx
  • Circus Games Tynesoft
  • Computer Maniac’s 1989 Diary Leisure Electronic Designs
  • Diablo! Nebula Designs Software
  • Double Dragon Melbourne House
  • Echelon US Gold
  • Final Assault Epyx
  • Fire And Forget Titus
  • GI Hero Firebird
  • Hellfire Attack Martech
  • Hopper Copper Silverbird
  • Hundra Mastertronic
  • International Rugby Simulator Code Masters
  • Last Duel US Gold
  • Las Vegas Casino Zeppelin
  • LED Storm GO!/Capcom
  • Lightning Simulator Silverbird
  • The Lost Legacy of Xim Skyslip Software
  • Motorbike Madness Mastertronic
  • Ninja Massacre Code Masters
  • Operation Hormuz Again Again
  • Pro Skateboard Simulator Code Masters
  • Rambo III Ocean
  • Return of the Jedi Domark
  • Ring Wars Cascade
  • SDI Activision
  • Skateball Electronic Arts
  • Star Farce Mastertronic
  • Techno Cop Gremlin Graphics
  • The Munsters Again Again
  • Tiger Road GO!/Capcom

Editor Dominic Handy
Assistant Editor Stuart Wynne
Staff Writers Mark Caswell, Philip King, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts
Contributors Jon Bates, Raffaele Cecco, Ian Cull, Ian Doggett, Paul Evans, Barnaby Page, Ian Phillipson
Editorial Assistants Caroline Blake, Vivian Vickress
Senior Designer Wayne Allen
Designers Melvin Fisher, Yvonne Priest
Photography Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson
Production Manager Jonathan Rignall
Reprographics Supervisor Matthew Uffindell
Production Team Ian Chubb, Robert Hamilton, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris
Editorial Director Roger Kean
Publisher Geoff Grimes
Advertisement Director Roger Bennett
Advertisement Manager Neil Dyson
Sales Executives Sarah Chapman, Andrew Smales
Assistants Jackie Morris, Lee Watkins
Mail Order Carol Kinsey
Subscriptions Denise Roberts
Cover Design & Illustration by Oliver Frey