Issue 62 March 1989

CRASH 62 cover


We’ve always said that our reviews are the most unbiased around. But what some people forget is that we’re also the most up-to-date magazine around. This month we have first screenshots of Renegade 3 and Red Heat; stop press reviews of Run The Gauntlet and Incredible Shrinking Sphere, and EXCLUSIVE news on the greatest software house, Ultimate — Play The Game. You can get cassettes any day, but CRASH is where it’s at for the latest info!





  • Ancient Battles CCS
  • Bigfoot Code Masters
  • BMX Freestyle Code Masters
  • Captain Blood Infogtames
  • Dark Fusion Gremlin Graphics
  • Dragon Ninja Ocean
  • Dynamic Duo Firebird
  • 4x4 Offroad Racing Epyx
  • The Hermitage Pegasus Developments
  • Human Killing Machine GO!/Capcom
  • Ingrid’s Back Level 9
  • Incredible Shrinking Sphere Electric Dreams
  • Into Africa Rack-It
  • International Speedway Silverbird
  • Jocky Wilson’s Darts Challenge Zeppelin Games
  • Maria’s Christmas Box Anco
  • Nonamed Mastertronic
  • Obliterator Melbourne House
  • Rally Simulator Zeppelin Games
  • Reveal Mastertronic
  • Run The Gauntlet Ocean
  • Spitting Image Domark
  • Tank Command Atlantis
  • The Archon Collection Electronic Arts
  • The Deep US Gold
  • Treasure Island Dizzy Code Masters
  • WEC Le Mans Ocean
  • Xenon Melbourne House
  • War in Middle Earth Melbourne House
  • Zone Trooper Gamebusters

Editor Dominic ‘bye bye’ Handy
Assistant Editor Stuart ‘here I come’ Wynne
Staff Writers Mark Caswell, Philip King, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts
Contributors Raffaele Cecco, Mel Croucher, Ian Cull, Mike Dunn, Paul Evans, Ian Lacey, Barnaby Page
Editorial Assistants Caroline Blake, Vivian Vickress
Senior Designer Wayne Allen
Designers Melvyn Fisher, Yvonne Priest
Photography Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson
Production Manager Jonathan Rignall
Reprographics Supervisor Matthew Uffindell
Production Robert Hamilton, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris
Editorial Director Roger Kean
Publisher Geoff Grimes
Advertisement Director Roger Bennett
Advertisement Manager Neil Dyson
Sales Executives Sarah Chapman, Andrew Smales, Lee Watkins
Assistants Jackie Morris
Mail Order Carol Kinsey
Subscriptions Denise Roberts
Cover Design & Illustration by Oliver Frey