Issue 63 April 1989

CRASH 63 cover


Cor blimey, if it isn’t another of them tapes on the cover. But strike a light, this ain’t no ordinary ‘mega-tape’, it’s got the CRASH Smash Sophistry on it — the COMPLETE game — plus a faboroomi first level of The Real Ghostbusters. This month CRASH also has an EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of Carrier Command and some incredible news about Amstrad. Other magazines? Pah! They’re just a loada SUperficial dYSentery!!!


  • You’ve seen the film, watched the cartoon, even read the comic, and now you can play the computer game! The Real Ghostbusters are coming to exorcise your neighbourhood. And we’ve got EXCLUSIVE details about this chartbusting licence.
  • Parlez vous francais? Well neither do we, but we’ve been talking (in English!) to up-and-coming French software house, Ubi Soft. Their next epic game is Iron Lord — we’ve got EXCLUSIVE news and a brilliant pull-out poster... just pour vous.
  • CRASH reader Steven Martin didn’t know what he was in for when he won our Spitting Image competition. His prize was to be immortalised in latex, by the famous puppetmakers themselves. Mark Caswell went along to see how it was done.




  • Blasteroids Imageworks
  • Carrier Command Rainbird
  • Chicago 30’s US Gold
  • Colosseum Kixx
  • DNA Warrior Cascade
  • Eliminator Hewson
  • Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Audiogenic
  • Fast Food Code Masters
  • Fish! Rainbird
  • Gary Lineker’s Hotshot Gremlin
  • The Great Peepingham Train Robbery Axxent Software
  • Motor Massacre Gremlin
  • Pac-Land Grandslam
  • Pasteman Pat Silverbird
  • Peter Pack Rat Silverbird
  • Professional Soccer Tough Games/CRL
  • Rock Star Ate My Hamster Code Masters
  • SAS Combat Simulator Code Masters
  • Skateboard Joust Silverbird
  • Soccer Star Cult
  • Street Gang Players
  • Superman Tynesoft
  • Supertrux Elite
  • The Hit Squad Code Masters
  • Titanic Kixx
  • Turbo Boat Simulator Silverbird
  • Wanderer Elite

Editor: Stuart Wynne Assistant Editor: Phil King Staff Writers: Mark Caswell, Lloyd Mangram, Nick Roberts Contributors: Ian Cull, Mike ‘Skippy’ Dunn, Richard ‘smasherooni’ Eddy, Paul Evans, Ian Lacey, Barnaby Page Editorial Assistants: Caroline Blake, Vivienne Vickress Senior Designer: Wayne Allen Designers: Melvyn Fisher, Yvonne Priest Photography: Cameron Pound, Michael Parkinson Production Manager: Jonathan Rignall Reprographics Supervisor: Matthew Uffindell Production: Robert Hamilton, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris Editorial Director: Oliver Frey Publisher: Geoff Grimes Advertisement Director: Roger Bennett Advertisement Manager: Neil Dyson Sales Executives: Sarah Chapman, Lee Watkins Assistants: Jackie Morris Mail Order: Carol Kinsey Subscriptions: Denise Roberts

Cover Design & illustration by Oliver Frey