Chill out because...

This is

Make Some Noise!

This is the issue you’ve been waiting for — The Lords of Midnight, the game that revolutionised Speccy gaming, is yours! Plus there’s your first and only chance to play The Bobby Yazz Show (it’s never been released before!). Add to that the SAM demo, Pokemania and the first of our Tech Tape utility items and you have a cassette that blows all others away (which isn’t too difficult).

Soccer games have come to plague us, this month, it’s that time of year. Nicko took a holiday (two whole weeks!! I haven’t had one day off this year! Mumble, grumble, whinge), he obviously saw the footy games coming in. To help out, we dragged a gamesplayer off the streets — find out about Will Evans below.

Right, then, I’ll be off and see you all next month. Ta-ra, lush-cakes.


Look! It’s Will Evans!

Helping out on the reviewing front this month is Will Evans, a young chap (‘I’m nearly 15!’) from Abergervenny in Wales (‘It says it’s the Gateway to Wales on the signpost — it’s miles inside the border!’). Will’s been playing games for years (‘and I’m not going to touch another soccer game’) and likes shoot-’em-ups and any game that tests your mind as well as your reflexes. Musically, he’s into ‘interesting’ stuff like the Sisters Of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim (‘it’s, erm, unique...’). Will does, however, aspire to a Chesney Hawkes hairstyle. Never mind.