Having a cow on the Speccy!

(The Simpsons are coming!)

Bart Simpson and his revolution against idealised images of domestic bliss are heading towards your Speccy screens this autumn with the release of The Simpsons’ game: Bart Vs The Space Mutants! T’riffic, eh?

It’s an arcade adventure starring you as Bart, the world’s greatest under-achiever, and his bizarre family of yellow, errm, people (?). Bart’s town of Springfield has been invaded by yucky space mutants with dangly bits who are taking over the bodies of Springfield’s residents. Bart’s in a bit of a pickle because he’s the only person that knows of this (thanks to his X-ray specs) and, due to the fact he’s always telling porkies, no-one believes him. The young Simpson sets out on his own to vanquish the mutants (by leaping on their heads, of all the preposterous things).

It’s a five-level game, based on the Nintendo version raved over by console players, and we’ll be checking out the Speccy version next issue. So, get ready to get everyone playing ‘Happy Families’ with the Simpsons, coming this September from Ocean (who the hell else?!)!

Come and work for CRASH !

If you’re 20 or over and looking for a serious full-time job, there’s one going here at CRASH. We’re looking for a Software Editor (with aspirations to be an Editor). You need to have a good knowledge of the English language (how to use and abuse it), you need to be confident, outgoing, able to communicate (on the phone, visiting) with anyone and have organisational and administrative skills. A driving licence would be useful as would knowing lots of crap jokes. The job’s based here in Ludlow (it’s really nice) and salary is determined by age and experience. Reckon you’re up to it? Contact: Newsfield, Richard Eddy, CRASH, Ludlow with your CV. We’ll make you a star!

Finally! A TV Computer Games Show!

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you — there is a TV show being planned about computer games! Hurrah! And it’s not going to be anything crap like Micro Live and concentrate on the BBC Micro or anything! No, it’s planned to cover all sorts of gaming on computer, console and in the arcades!

GamesMaster (that’s the title of the show) is being aired on Channel Four in January running on Tuesdays at 6.30pm. The series is being put together by production company Hewland International who currently produce the great sports show Good Sport currently on BBC 1.

The show is planned to feature reviews, charts, news, tips and play offs between top players. So, they’re looking for top players to complete — if you reckon you’re up to scratch why not drop them a line? Or, if you’re after a full-time job, Hewland are also looking for researchers and professional graphic artists. Again contact Hewland with your relevant details and a CV.

It’s the Mega Twins! 15 years old and looking for stone (?!)

Most peculiar, isn’t it? A couple of 15-year-olds looking for a stone. Maybe they want to have it as a pet, perhaps? Far more practical than, say, a tortoise (and they look the same anyway). The thing is, dear viewer, that it’s not any old stone. No, what they’re after is a stone called the Dragon Blue Eyes stone. This Dragon Blue Eyes stone sounds a bit mystical and — blimey! — it is! It can save the world, only it’s lost, which sounds spookily like the cue to say: it’s all happening in US Gold’s forthcoming release Mega Twins, based on the Capcom coin-op!

The stone needs to be found to rejuvenate the decimated land of Alurea destroyed by a terrible monster. Only the Mega Twins survived the attack (being babes hidden away at the time) and 15 years later they set out on a quest to revenge the massacre of their people and try and put the world back in order again. Take control of the twins as they dash through six levels of scrollarama arcade action set in a fantasy landscape with all manner of foe against you. You’ll be battling through forests, swimming through underwater scenes and even take to the air in a sky-high level! It’s all out in November, which should please Sam Stephenson (see Forum).

A computer fair on your doorstep!

Not quite on your doorstep but maybe around the corner. Y’see Bruce Everiss, organiser of the successful All Formats Computer Fairs (13 good ’uns so far), has noted your comments of having more regional events. And so... North: University of Leeds Sports Centre, Calverly Street, Central Leeds, Sunday 1 September, London: Royal Horticultural Hall, Graycoat Street, Westminster (Victoria tube), Saturday 7 September Midlands: National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull (Junction 6 off the M42 or Midland International Station), Saturday 14 September Scotland: City Hall, Candleriggs, Glasgow, Sunday 22 September West: The Brunel Centre, Bristol Old Station (next to Temple Meads Station), Sunday 6 October. Admission is only £ and the events start at 10 in the morning and finish at 4pm. For more info call the All Formats newsline (that’s 34/44p per minute, punters).

A beginner’s guide to the Sega Game Gear

It’s the latest console sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Sega’s latest addition to its popular console family hit the streets this summer. It’s called the Game Gear and it’s a portable full-colour hand-held game system (ie, a console you can carry around and play!).

Five interesting things about Zeppelin Games’ new fan club!

  1. It’s called The Zeppelin Air Crew Club and any gamesplayer can sign up for membership!
  2. It costs £7.99 to join for which you get the choice of two Zeppelin games, a gold membership card, a certificate and ID number, a poster, a bi-monthly newsletter and bargain basement prices on things like Air Crew T-shirts!
  3. The Air Crew is ‘run’ by four hapless, erm, characters: Gilbert Terracotta-Hatchback (he’s hatstand), Captain Cockpit (the boss), Stan Crommet and Norman the Navigator!
  4. The bi-monthly magazine is planned to feature charts, tips, reviews and a letters page all run by the potty air crew (it’s all going to be quite bizarre).
  5. If you want to join up or want more details get the postie to deliver your letter to Zeppelin.