CRASH Catalogue, mid(?) 1983

Before CRASH launched as a monthly review magazine, it ran as a software catalogue, printing reviews and selling games by mail order. The contents seem to have formed the basis for the Living Guide feature in early issues of CRASH.

Simon Owen managed to acquire an issue, and kindly scanned it in and sent me the scans. As he says, it “isn't dated, but going by some closing dates it must be early to mid 1983.” (see page 13). Roger Kean thinks that there were probably 3 or 4 (possibly 5) editions of the catalogue before launching the magazine: “We started the mail order operation in about May/June 83 and began work on getting the first Crash magazine in October (originally aiming for a Christmas issue out in early December 83, which, as we all know, we missed!), by which time there was no more time for the catalogues! So roughly speaking, one catalogue every 5 to 6 weeks.”

Read on for the reviews, or alternatively here are the scans.