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Reviews from CRASH magazine


Titles beginning with numbers are listed at the start of the directory, and titles beginning with 'The' are listed under their second word.

The entry for each piece of software gives its name, producer and Overall CRASH percentage, and the issue and page of CRASH in which it is reviewed, as follows:

Review scores for issues 1-59 have been taken from the lists printed in CRASH issues 48 and 61. Scores for issues 60 to 98 have been taken directly from the appropriate issues. Scores scanned from the lists have not been checked against the published reviews.

Early CRASHes rated adventures out of ten rather than 100, strategy games were not at first given marks, and educational software has never been given percentages. Reviews where no numerical rating was given are marked as NR.

CRASH Smashes were usually (but not always) awarded to games rating at 90% or above, starting from issue 4.

Download the full list as a PDF (contributed by T.L. Bullock)


2543 games listed; 2727 reviews; 499 links to reviews